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RVG Senior League

Current lineup - If your name is on this list and you are NOT going to attend - Please contact Nolo with email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or text (7175766620) by SUNDAY at 5pm.  Any revisions will be posted by Monday evening
GAME: Play your own ball.  2 best balls count for team
 10A Troutman/Duffalo/Trout/Gallagher
9A Machusak/Sprout/Watson/cowman
9B Gilbert/Hinkle/Shultz/Beam
8A Horner/Lewis/Dum/Levan
8B McGraw/Warner/Kressler/Blackburn
7A Stahler/Brady/Kinglsmith/Dennison
7B Bierly/Tittler/Nadolny/Kline
6A Knipe/Repetz/Halin/Olivetti
5A Updyke/Barnes/Corby/Keller
4A Thompson/Shiffler/Yohe/Meyers
3A Clark/Johnson/Foley/Christine
2A Stonemetz/Miller/Watt/Monismith
1A Kefford/Carnes/Markley/Lentz
 Remember you will come in by 815 - Grab your cart and a team mate and then setup at your hole by 820.  You will start at 830 -- You may pay online at richvalleygolf.net - SHOP - RVG Greeens Fees - RVG Leagues
227 Rich Valley Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050