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RVG Weds League

8/5 Lineup
10A Troutman/Gordon  Matoylak/Kelly
10B Wuylczyn/Diendorf  Arnold/Henry
11A Hopkins/Templin  Cerritelli/Sanders
12A Schmuck/Johnson  Forney/Knisley
12B  Hogg/Rankin  Sudia/Sudia JR
13A Bogaczyk/Bogaczyk  Cowman/OMalley
14A Eschenmann/Freysinger  Fogarty/Brennan
14B  Terry/Kring  Cassell/Rankin
15A Filson/Koons  Hanna/McHugh
15B Herbst/Leonard  Sprout/Fernandez
16A knight/Kepner  Austin/Claypool III
16B Oswald/Martinelli   Koons/Claypool
FYI --- We received more clarification on the MEAL rule.  If you are going to buy a can or 6 pack just for golf to take on the cart, you do not have to purchase a "meal"   If you buy a 6pack or single can to drink and sit at any table you must purchase a "meal"
227 Rich Valley Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050