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Golf Rates

 Please note.  If you are new to golf and have not golfed a full 18 hole course we do not suggest you start on the main course.  We suggest you use the 3 hole beginners course until you are comfortable with pace of play, etiquette, hitting the ball, etc.  On the 18 hole course you are limited to no more than 15 minutes a hole.  If your group cannot keep up with pace of play on the 18 hole golf course you will be asked to take your play to the 3 hole golf course.  If you take up a tee time on the 18 hole golf course and cannot keep pace of play due to lack of experience you will be asked to go to the 3 hole golf course. 

CURRENT Golf Rates -  Subject to Change without notice --- Carts will need to be in 15 minutes before dark.

Season ratesMon - FriSenior (55+)
9 Holes Walk $20/ With Cart $29  Walk $19/ With Cart $25
18 Holes  Walk $29 / With Cart $40  Walk $24/ With Cart $32
Early Bird  6 to 756   18 with cart $31  
Rider Policy = $10 per rider - 2 ppl only per cart - Rider is non playing 
            Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
Open to 12 noon --- This is not the time to reserve if you are an inexperienced golfer - see notes above.
9 holes $31 walk/$37 with cart
18 holes $40 walk/ $52 with cart    
Early Bird Open til 756 $47 with cart
12 to 3
 9 holes
 $26 walk/$32 with cart
 18 holes  $32 walk/ $43 with cart
3 to close - This is the perfect time to golf at RVG if you are just learning the game.
 9 holes  $24 walk/$31 with cart
 18 holes                                                             $28 walk/$35 with cart
   Saturday/Sunday/Holiday Rider Policy = $15 per rider - 2 ppl only per cart - Rider is non playing
Junior Rates | Mon -Fri, 17 and Under - If renting a cart, a valid driver's license must be shown.  Carts are not toys.  If you incurr cart damage from goofing in the cart or making Tik Tok videos You will be responsible to pay the damages.  These damages start at $300!
9 Holes $18 walk/$23 with cart
18 Holes  $23 walk/$32 with cart
*Junior must have driver's license to operate cart
*RVG Junior Special | 15 and Under --- We do not allow children without a full driver's license to operate a CART.  It is not a toy.  We expect the parents to adhere to these rules.
  Weekdays (anytime) and Weekends (after 2pm)
9 Holes $13 walk / $17 with cart
18 Holes $18 walk / $22 with cart
*Must be accompanied by a paying adult (25 or older) – Junior golfer not allowed to operate cart – Junior must have his OWN set of clubs – Must keep up with group in front.
Members Cart Fees
9 Holes $12
18 Holes $17
New Cart Rider Policy - No Golf
Weekday $10 per Rider
Weekend $15 per Rider
RVG’s 3 Hole Executive/Beginner’s Course
3 Holes Walking $7.50
6 Holes Walking $9.50
9 Holes Walking $13.00
Special: Up to 2 children 12 and under may play with paying adult as follows:
3 holes with adult: $2.50 per child (up to 2 under 12)
6 holes with adult: $3.50 per child (up to 2 under 12)
9 holes with adult: $4.50 per child (up to 2 under 12)
Push cart $1.00 per cart
Golf Cart $6.00 per adult  - Not available when 18 hole course is busy due to 1 cart per person rule
(available only as special request approved by proshop)
Rich Valley Driving Range
Natural Grass Facility - Able to Use Full Range of Clubs - No charge to use Putting Greens - MATS ONLY in WINTER
Large Bucket (35-40 Golf Balls) $8.50
X-Large Bucket (75-80 Golf Balls) $13.50
Jumbo Bucket (110-120 Golf Balls) $18.00
227 Rich Valley Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050