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RVG Thurs League

10A  Gillespie/Hamilton  Bye Week
10B Brown/Jones  Bower/Shade
11A Robertson/Salsgiver  Folk/Fulginitti
12A  Kressler/Kressler  Derr/Gilbert
13A Feaster/Hoover  Kauffman/Martin
14A Oswald/Martinelli  Clark/McHugh
14B Reynolds/Feaster  Kennedy/Langel
15A Kauffman/Lloyd   Brekosky/Papinchak
16A Hanlin/King  Brutko/Montz
16B Roberts/Curley  Mest/Muth
17A Shaffer/Beecher  Sneidman/Kistler
17B Klaiber/palmer  Ziegler/Segin
18A Tetkoskie/Wentzel   Clapper/Smith
18B Bellis/Bellis  Rodgers/Schorn
FYI... New Clarification from PLCB.   If you buy a single or 6 pack of beer from proshop to take onto the golf course, you do not need to purchase a "meal".  If you buy any alcohol to sit or congregate at the outside tables, a meal must be purchased
227 Rich Valley Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050